We can show your parents how to help their child be happy and confident as they transition to high school ... without  all the worry, struggle and overwhelm.


'How to help your child cope with high school'

"It was very useful and informative ... great tips.
I'm feeling more confident about my child starting high school!"

Kerry Vinez, Parent of a Year 6 Student

Starting high school is one of the biggest transitions in a child's life.

Parents often feel like they are embarking on a new journey, too.
They need to know the important things to watch out for and the practical steps they can take to support their child. 

With so many unknowns, it's natural to worry about how their child will cope.

Will they fit in and make friends?
Will they manage their time and be organised enough?
How will they cope with the homework & assessment demands?
Who can parents go to for help in high school?
What is their child worrying about?
How can they navigate all the technology and cyber safety?
How will their child cope with travelling to school on their own?
How will they manage having so many new teachers?

Our talk fills in the gaps so parents worry less and have practical, reassuring strategies for handling this big step.

'How To Help Your Child Cope With High School' - Parent Talk

We come to your school or you can book our online parent webinar

We tailor the talk to your students' and parents' needs
Includes downloadable parent resources for after the workshop for continued support at home.
70 minute session full of practical advice and Q & A
Includes parent information and newsletter content to inform your school community (and save you time!)

Play the videos to hear
from parents

Absolutely fantastic! It makes such a difference for a child going to high school.

Excellent! I wish I'd met Jenny 3 years ago for my older boy!

Absolutely fantastic!
It makes such a difference for a child going to high school.

I wish I'd met Jenny 3 years ago for my older boy!

Play the videos to hear
from parents

I encourage all Year 6 parents to attend

"A great talk. I would encourage all Year 6 parents to attend - even those who already have older children attending high school. 

Parent of a Year 6 student

It feels great to know I can help my daughter

"It feels great to know I can help my daughter  through this transition in life. I feel well-educated!"

Parent of a Year 6 student

We show parents the many ways they can support their child ...

before and after they start high school.

Our 'Get Set For High School' program is set up to meet the different needs of parents and students.

We talk separately to parents, so they can learn from an adult’s perspective and have the freedom to question and talk about personal issues without creating more worries for their child.

Parents learn how to manage the social and emotional demands, as well as changes, expectations and practical aspects such as homework, organisation, and time management. 

We will be so much better prepared!

"Fabulous! So informative, lots to take in and reflect upon. We will be so much better prepared having attended this session."

Parent of a Year 6 student

I feel more at ease after listening to this talk

"Thank you. This was very helpful. I'm so happy that I attended. I feel more at ease after listening to this talk. I have gained many helpful hints."

Parent of a Year 6 student


We've helped thousands of students and parents over the past 10 years. 

Principals have us back year after year because we're the experts in transition to high school.
We still work with schools we started with in 2013!

"The parent talk was very informative. Presentation was great, with a good amount of humour and personal stories added to the authenticity of the information."

Presentation was great

Danielle Lewis, Teacher

"Get Set For High School is different because it deals with the anxieties that Year 6 students often experience and provides them with practical strategies to assist with the transition to high school. 

We had an overwhelming positive response from teachers, parents and the students."

An overwhelming positive response

Patricia Laidler, Principal

It was very helpful

"Very interesting talk. Although I already have a child in high school, I have learnt more tips. It was very helpful." 

Parent of a Year 6 student

Recommend to all parents!

"I loved the talk. Very informative and practical information. Recommend to all parents!"

Parent of a Year 6 student

We teach parents PRACTICAL tools, skills and strategies that

will reduce their child's worries and prepare them for high school.

We know what students need & we know how to help them.

To enquire about the parent talk or for help choosing options for your school, you can reach us here ...

All the other ways we can help ...


Our engaging and informative workshops show children how high school works and teach them skills & strategies, so they're confident and prepared for what's ahead. 

We come to your school OR you can choose the live online version.


Our online transition to high school membership WEBSITE for students.

20 fun and informative guided modules - for teachers to use with Year 6 & Year 7 (at school & home) or parents can purchase separately to use with their child at home.


Parents learn information and strategies to understand & support their child in this transition. Academic, practical aspects, school expectations, social and emotional demands. In school talk or at home webinar available. 


Using current research and worldwide best practices, Jenny helps your teachers develop a school plan & transition framework that works best for YOUR students and school community.


We're here to help.

For program enquiries or for help to choose the best options for your school, you can reach us here ...


Jenny's award-winning parent book is a practical guide for helping children with the challenging transition to high school. Available for schools to bulk buy or parents to purchase. Foreword by Maggie Dent.

Amazon Best Seller

Award Winner

How do I know what these children need?

Hi, I'm Jenny Atkinson, founder of Sparks Education Australia, a teacher for 30+ years and author of the award-winning book, 'High School Rocks'. 

As a Year 6 teacher, I was concerned seeing so many children struggle before starting  high school and throughout their first year. I researched for 2 years with over 1600 students in Year 6 and Year 7 to understand everything about their move to high school. Combined with my 30 years of teaching experience, I knew how and why children were struggling and how to turn it around. In 2013, I created my 'Get Set For High School' Program, starting with student workshops in schools. 

Over the past 10 years, I've added new ways to help: my best-selling parent book, parent talks, webinars, resources and the new online student membership 'High School Hub'. Because I have a deep understanding of transition to high school for all the different perspectives - students, parents, teachers and principals - there is support available for everyone. 

Jenny has been featured in


Find out about all the ways we can help prepare your students for high school.


Find out more about how we can help your child with high school.

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Our simple, step-by-step approach helps children get results as quickly and easily as possible.

This is definitely not an “I talk, you listen” program. Jenny engages and motivates the children so they are actively participating, whether it's in the student workshop or using the 'High School Hub' online membership modules. 

Information is presented in a variety of ways: from animated videos and interactive games to checklists, 'how to' guides, infographics, action plans and more, targeted right at their age group.

Complex ideas are broken down into simple, easily understood strategies that can immediately be put into action ... and remembered!

We encourage taking action. For example, in 'High School Hub', there's a 6 step action plan at the end of the modules outlining their next steps. 


These are just some of a very long list children have told me about in my 2 year research study and in the student workshops.

And because children are heading into the teenage years, they have additional stresses on top.

And this is not just the children with anxiety conditions ... although this is on the rise. 

This is stress experienced to varying degrees by every child starting high school.

The great news is we can do so much to prevent and relieve this overwhelm early.




Every child faces this stress starting high school 


And sometimes this extra stress

Living in a global pandemic for 2+ years brought
stress, disruptions and challenges to every area of life.

Teachers and parents are still seeing the effects at school and home.

There hasn't been an uninterrupted, 'normal' year of school (and life) since 2019!

(Teachers know exactly what we're talking about here!)


It started with 2 Years of Research 

With 1600+ Students, Parents and Teachers

At the core of this program is Jenny's own research across 16 Australian schools with over 1600 students, parents and teachers. 

After 2 years of surveys and interviews, and a study of worldwide research and best practices, Jenny had a deep understanding of transition for the different perspectives... students, parents and teachers. From there, the ‘Get Set For High School’ program was created to explicitly address the challenges faced during transition. 

Ongoing research, including tailoring the program for individual school needs, ensures the program remains up to date with the latest evidence-based practices. 

See a snapshot of the research results here: 

* 'Transitioning To High School - the Students' Voice'  - Research Study by Jenny Atkinson


We know how hard teachers work to cover the curriculum, so we work hard to lighten your load, not add to it. The program aligns to the Australian Curriculum, saving you time and reinforcing your classroom learning.

Expert educators have designed the program and resources and include a pacing guide for teacher led options. 


Jenny Atkinson is the 'Get Set For High School' program creator and our dynamic workshop leader. She loves to actively engage students and gets everyone talking, moving and sharing while they’re learning. Jenny has over 30 years of teaching experience. 

At Sparks Education, we employ fully trained teachers who have completed teacher education studies at an Australian  tertiary institution. Presenters complete the 'Working with Children Check - WWCC'  - to allow engagement in child-related work.

Program and resources have been designed by expert educators with significant classroom teaching and curriculum development experience. 


Students, parents and teachers recognise the benefits.


Students: To assess program effectiveness, we went into high schools to follow students who completed the 'Get Set For High School' program when they were in Year 6. 

A resounding 97% of these high school students said the program should be offered to ALL YEAR 6 students to prepare them for high school. 

"Get Set For High School is different because it deals with the anxieties that Year 6 students often experience and provides them with practical strategies to assist with the transition to high school.  We had an overwhelming positive response from teachers, parents and, most importantly, the students."

Patricia Laidler, Principal

Ongoing feedback as an integral part of our program. This ensures we keep improving and providing relevant programs and support.


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