Your child can be happy and confident in high school ... without all the worry, struggle and overwhelm.

We can show them how.

The high school experience you always wanted for
your child REALLY is possible.

We can help them thrive in their high school transition -

not just survive, scrape through or get used to it.

You want your child to enjoy this new beginning, make friends and get off to a great start. And make the most of the new opportunities because there's so much good stuff ahead in high school!

But it won't happen like this if they're feeling worried or unprepared for all the changes and new demands.
It will be hard to put their best foot forward if they're struggling to adjust.

There are so many changes ahead ...

new peer group and friendship changes
switch from school leaders to being the youngest
juggling more complex work and more homework from many teachers
learning how to study and cope with exams 
different rules, expectations and pressures
meeting multiple due dates and managing their time
being with older, adult-sized students & many new teachers
being more responsible, independent and organised

Your child is at a crossroads.
Which path will they take into high school?




Wait and see how they go.

(Otherwise known as: cross your fingers and hope for the best.)

Children worry when they don't know how high school works and struggle when they don't know how to handle all the new challenges. They can end up with gaps that affect their other years in high school. 

(These 'red flags' are a sign your child needs more support and guidance)

worried &
unsure of what to do
unsure how high school works
struggling with
the workload
doing things the hard way as they don't know an easier way
worried & overwhelmed
unsure of what to do
unsure how high school works
struggling with the workload
doing things the hard way as they don't know an easier way



Give them the right support early so they can be and do their best.

Starting high school becomes an enjoyable experience. They'll have easy, doable ways to tackle all the new challenges and pressures of high school.
You're preventing future problems and they'll have help at their fingertips when they need it.

(These 'green flags' are a sign of adjusting well in their transition)

handle the challenges
feel confident & happy
enjoy the
new start

fully participate
give it all
best try
succeed to the
best of their ability
worried & overwhelmed
unsure of what to do
unsure how high school works
struggling with the workload
doing things the hard way as they don't know an easier way
handle the challenges
feel confident & happy
enjoy the new start
fully participate
give it all their best try
succeed to the best of their ability

Think of the preparation astronauts do

before they launch into space.

Chris Hadfield, NASA Astronaut

Astronaut, Chris Hadfield, explains that when we're prepared with the right information, skills and a plan, we can handle anything that may happen and our fear drops away. It's how astronauts, even on their first mission, stay calm and can handle challenging situations. 

They're calm & confident because they've had the right preparation.

Chris Hadfield, 
NASA Astronaut

And children starting high school need the right preparation, too. 

With all the unknowns ahead, it's understandable they'd be worried and uncertain.

Will they fit in? Will they make friends?
How will they handle all the work?
(Especially the homework and study!)

All of this not knowing causes fear and worry.

Hi, I'm Jenny Atkinson. As a Year 6 teacher, I'd seen so many children worry about the move to high school. It spurred me on to do 2 years of research with over 1600 Year 6 & Year 7 students transitioning to high school to find solutions to help them. And I started by investigating their fears and worries. * 

I identified 17 key problem areas children have in starting high school, and from there created the 'Get Set For High School' program to address them. I prepare children before they start and in their first year of high school so they have the information, skills and strategies they need to be confident and do well. I help teachers and parents too, so we can all give children the best support possible.

* © 'Transitioning To High School - The Students' Voice'  - Research Study by Jenny Atkinson

The aim is to get in early, instead of waiting until the problems snowball.

We teach PRACTICAL tools, skills and strategies that

ease their worries and prepare them for high school.

"I used one of the methods with my assignments this term and have finished all four assignments.
Now I have extra time and don’t have to rush. Thank you!"  

Madison ~ Year 6 Student

Activities in the workshop

We address all the unknowns
We explain things simply and answer their questions
We teach them easy, doable ways to manage the different parts of high school
And we surround them with a great support team 

How do you feel now?

We take the mystery out of high school.

And build their confidence and self-belief that they can ace this big move.

What do the students think?

Teaches you how to deal with tricky situations

"Before I was nervous and scared about being in a big school with new people, but this has put me at ease. I would recommend it because it was fun, helpful and enjoyable. It teaches you how to deal with tricky situations."

Tamara ~ Year 6 student

Year 6 Student getting ready for high school with High School Hub Membership (online)

I'm now so confident

"I was very scared and freaking out about high school. I learned who to go to for help and how it all works. I'm now so confident about going to high school."

Maria ~ Year 6 student

I know exactly what to do

"If there are worried students concerned about high school (like me!) I would get them to do this. Before, I felt nervous about all the responsibilities and where everything was located, but now I know exactly what to do."

Christian ~ Year 6 student

Ready to give your child their
best start to high school?

We make learning fun and interactive

(And it's far less gruelling than astronaut training!)

 After 30 years in education, Jenny knows how to engage and motivate kids so they're actively participating ... whether it's in the student workshop or using the 'High School Hub' online membership modules.

Information is presented in fun ways - stories, animated videos, interactive games, 'how to' guides, jokes, action plans, quizzes, checklists & more
Targeted right at their age group
They're encouraged to take action
Complex ideas are broken down into simple, easily understood strategies

When issues pop up,
(and they will!)
you'll both have our reassuring advice to guide you through.

Lots of the goodies inside High School Hub Membership (online)

Yes - it works!


Year 6 students doing activities in the 'Get Set For High School' workshop

What do the parents think?

She seems more relaxed and calm

"Well done! This is a fantastic program to be used in primary school. My daughter was much more positive about things like a timetable and colour coding and seems more relaxed and calm." 

Parent of a Year 6 student

Wonderful & informative program

"This program is a wonderful and informative preparation for high school. I have a son who is in Year 9 who had a look through and said, 'I wish this had been available to me in Year 6!' "

Parent of a Year 6 student

No longer worried about high school

"Patrick found this very beneficial. He is no longer worried about high school as he was taught stress management and skills. It was great from beginning to end. Thank you for giving him this wonderful program."

Parent of a Year 6 student

We've helped thousands of students and parents,
 and we can guide you and your child every step of the way, too.

"It feels great to know I can help my daughter through this transition in life." 

Parent of a Year 6 Student

The high school experience you always wanted for your child REALLY is possible.

Here's how we can help you with that ...


Our engaging and informative in-school workshops show children how high school works and teach them skills & strategies to prepare for what's ahead. 

We come to your school OR you can choose the live online version.


Our online transition to high school membership WEBSITE for students.

20 fun and informative guided modules - for teachers to use with Year 6 & Year 7 (at school & home) or parents can purchase separately to use with their child at home.


Parents learn information and strategies to understand & support their child in this transition. Academic, practical aspects, school expectations, social and emotional demands. In school talk or at home webinar available. 


Using current research and worldwide best practices, Jenny helps your teachers develop a school plan & transition framework that works best for YOUR students and school community.

Amazon Best Seller

Award Winner


Jenny's award-winning parent book is a practical guide for helping children with the challenging transition to high school. Available for schools to bulk buy or parents to purchase. Foreword by Maggie Dent.


We're here to help.

For program enquiries or for help to choose the best options, you can reach us here ...

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Find out about all the ways we can help prepare your students for high school.


Find out more about how we can help your child with high school.

What do the
principals think?

"Thank you Jenny. Your practical and supportive ideas to assist them in their transition ensure that the students not only have a better understanding about what they face entering high school, but they feel better prepared."

They feel better prepared

Cheryl Ross,  Assistant Principal

"Thank you for the workshops you've delivered these past years. You have such a terrific program and your workshops are really engaging. It's so important for our seniors and their parents."

Such a terrific program!

Fran Stewart, Principal



Are children really
that worried?

Yes! A lot is changing and they can have very mixed emotions. In our research, we surveyed 1294 Year 7 students about their level of anxiety and worry in their first year of high school.

There was lots of worry ...

Find out more

75% were anxious in the first few weeks.

38% were worried after 10 weeks.

25% were still worried at the end of their first year.

And after a whole year, 7% were just as worried as the first day they started high school!

That's far too many students worried ... and for far too long.

Especially, when there is so much we can do to prevent their worries becoming a problem.

Won't they just get used
to it once they start?

Some children do. But we want far more for children than to just 'get used to' high school. This is not just a time factor. It's often thought that after a few weeks, they're all set.

But there's far more involved.

Find out more

Once the workload increases, many children struggle with being organised and managing their time to cope with all the homework and assignments. And they're still trying to fit in to high school, make friends, get to know teachers ... so many big adjustments.  That's a lot and it all takes time and the right skills and support.

We want children to do well, not just survive or scrape through. To try their best, grab hold of opportunities and feel like they belong in their new school. And that's pretty hard to do when you're worried, not coping or just getting 'used to it'.

Why do they need help
before they start?

We can prevent them from becoming overwhelmed so they start high school with as little worry as possible.
And they can build skills for managing the first few weeks and longer term in high school.

Find out more

It's a bit like moving house. That's a big life change, too with lots of parts to manage.

Maybe you could do everything on moving day (good luck!) but imagine how much easier, less stressed and ready you'd be if you decluttered and packed prior to the big day. And once you're in the new house, you continue to benefit from the preparation, too.

We help children so they're less worried when they first start high school, but also to prepare them with the skills and support needed for their LONG TERM success in high school.

Parents and teachers come and join our group for tips, information and support for everything on transition to high school.

Starting high school is the perfect time to set them up well for their future.

Do you have questions?

Just reach out to us at the email address below.

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Life as they know it is about to change drastically!

Moving into the faster-paced world of high school brings new pressures, expectations and a much bigger workload. And before they even start, most children worry about how they will cope because there are so many unknowns.

* Some of the challenges children told me about in my research and the student workshops.

But when we prepare them early, and show them how high school works, we can prevent this stress and worry from becoming overwhelming.

We can make sure they're prepared and confident for that important first year in high school.


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