We help children be happy and confident as they transition to high school ... without  all the worry, struggle and overwhelm.


Starting high school is one of the biggest transitions in a child's life.

And we're here for them every step of the way.

They leave behind all that's familiar and suddenly they're in high school - a new school with new people, juggling all the different rules, expectations and pressures. 

They've gone from being the school leaders to the youngest, and now they're with older, adult-sized children and so many new teachers.

The workload ramps up, homework is demanding, and they're expected to be more independent and responsible. 

And all these changes start even before they walk through the high school gates.

That's a lot to handle when you're just 12 years old!

Tap here for more examples of what the children worry about. (The list is long and varied!)

Starting high school involves big changes, including 3 of the top causes of youth stress.

But we can definitely make this easier for them!

We can replace their uncertainty with confidence 

 by helping them with ALL THE HIGH SCHOOL THINGS

We show them what it's like in high school.
We address the unknowns so they understand what's ahead.
We explain what to do and why and who's involved.
We show them how, when & where to do all the high school parts.

Children often do things the hard, ineffective way simply because they don't know an easier, better way ...
until we show them how.


Find out about all the ways we can help prepare your students for high school.


Find out more about how we can help you and your child with high school.

What the students say ...

"We all feel much more comfortable about high school and are very grateful Jenny came to work with us. We feel so much better about going to high school and now can't wait."

Blaise and Tara, Year 6 Students

"Before I was stressing about high school, but now I WANT to go! You get easy tips to be well organised in high school and you learn about your diary and timetable."

Alex, Year 6 Student

"Before I was very worried about the stress of high school. But I learnt lots of different ways to make things easier, like with homework. I'll start high school with a better understanding of just about everything!"

Holly, Year 6 Student

"Being a high school teacher myself, I believe this program is a MUST for all Year 6 students."

Vanessa Stipanovic, High School Teacher & Parent

The 'Get Set For High School' program was created by Jenny Atkinson following her extensive research with over 1600 students transitioning to high school. * 

* 'Transitioning To High School - the Students' Voice'  - Research Study by Jenny Atkinson

She knew the most benefit came from helping children:

1. Before they started high school and
2. In the first 2 terms of high school.

First, Jenny created the Year 6 student workshops to present in schools.

And since then, she's helped thousands of children, parents and teachers with the workshops, talks, books and 'High School Hub', the online membership for students to learn all about high school.

What the students say ...

"Before the workshop, I was worried about high school. Now I know I will always have someone there to help me and I feel like my worries are gone. I think every person in Year 6 should do this workshop." 

Jonathon, Year 6 Students

"It helped me to express my feelings about high school, which I would never really do. 

It is very helpful."

Neena, Year 6 Student

"Before, I was worried about high school. Now I know that I can do anything if I try.

This workshop gives kids confidence!""

Matt, Year 6 Student

The right support and guidance is crucial.

That's why we're here for them every step of the way.

Jenny has over 30 years of teaching experience, so she understands how kids learn.
She teaches in fun, interesting, memorable ways so kids are engaged and want to learn.

What the parents say ...

"My daughter came home after the workshop feeling more confident. A lot of her queries were answered, and the anxieties behind them have disappeared. As a parent, I am extremely grateful that an experience like this was available to her. 

I believe it is a very valuable program."

The anxieties behind it disappeared

Kelly Gibbs, Parent of Year 6 Student

"This has not only relieved Patrick, but he now looks forward to beginning high school. He said the workshop was great from beginning to end. He enjoyed it greatly and found it very beneficial. I believe this to be a wonderful program. 

He is now less anxious to begin his new school journey."

He is now less anxious

M. Ahearne, Parent of Year 6 Student

"Emily has learnt a lot from this program - timetables, time management skills to deal with the demands of high school, getting herself organised, finding motivation to get tasks done.

Thank you for such a valuable program."

Such a valuable program

Kim Constantinou, Year 6 Parent



Principals have us back year after year to help their students and parents. (We still work with schools we started with 10 years ago!)

What principals and teachers say ...

"Get Set For High School is different because it deals with the anxieties that Year 6 students often experience and provides them with practical strategies to assist with the transition to high school. 

We had an overwhelming positive response from teachers, parents and, most importantly, the students."

An overwhelming positive response

Patricia Laidler, School Principal

"Thank you Jenny. Your practical and supportive ideas to assist them in their transition ensure that the students not only have a better understanding about what they face entering high school but they feel better prepared."

They feel better prepared

Cheryl Ross, Assistant Principal

Parents and teachers come and join our group for tips, information and support ...
everything for high school!

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These worries are some of a very long list children have told me about in my 2 year research study and in the student workshops.

And because children are heading into the teenage years, they have additional stresses on top.

And this is not just the children with anxiety conditions ... although this is on the rise. 

This is stress experienced to varying degrees by every child starting high school.

The great news is we can do so much to prevent and relieve this overwhelm early.




Every child faces this stress starting high school 


And sometimes this extra stress

Living in a global pandemic for 2+ years brought
stress, disruptions and challenges to every area of life.

Teachers and parents are still seeing the effects at school and home.

There hasn't been an uninterrupted, 'normal' year of school (and life) since 2019!


Congrats! You'll soon have that extra support to
help your child with high school.

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