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Calm Connected
Tweens and Teens

22-24 Feb, 2024

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Strong Relationships


Independence & Resilience

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How the summit works: On 22nd Feb we put up 5 speaker videos online at 8am (AEDT). Watch for free for 24 hours or grab the All Access Pass for extended viewing time and lots of extra resources. Each summit day we add 5 new speaker videos you can watch for 24 hours. See the Speaker Schedule and videos below.

Do you want to connect with your teen and help them with everything they're dealing with as a teenager? Then let's Start!

This summit is a no judgement zone!

Our speakers bring you advice to help you move forward in your relationship with your child, to show you some next steps to sort through challenges and to give you insights into the world of our tweens and teens.

So we hope you'll be open to possibilities and because every child is different and every family is different, layer all of this great advice with what you know about your own child.

DAY 1: 22nd Feb

Maggie Dent

Mothering Our Boys:
the special  mother-son relationship

Andrew Fuller

Understanding the teenage brain and creating resilience in our families

Michelle Mitchell

Navigating tween friendships

Kirrilie Smout

School anxiety and school avoidance

Daniel Merza

No More Monkey Business: raising confident, resilient teenagers

 Maggie Dent

Interviewed by
Jenny Atkinson & Justine Lamont

Mothering Our Boys: The Special Mother-Son Relationship

Maggie Dent is known as the ‘queen of common sense’, and is one of Australia's favourite parenting podcasters, authors and educators. She has a particular interest in the early years, adolescence and resilience, and is an undisputed 'boy champion'.

Maggie's the author of 'Mothering Our Boys' and 'From Boys To Men'.

Watch for an extended time + get Maggie's resource included in the  All Access Pass:

'Taking the High Road: A Book for Adolescents' 

(Ebook + Audio Track)

 Michelle Mitchell

Interviewed by Jenny Atkinson

Tween Friendships

Michelle started her career as a teacher, but soon discovered a special interest in wellbeing. She is a speaker and bestselling parenting author, including her recent book, 'Tweens'. Michelle founded Youth Excel - a charity delivering life skills programs and psychological services to thousands of young people and their families. She offers compassionate and grounded advice for parenting tweens and teens.

Watch for an extended time + get Michelle's resource included in the  All Access Pass:

'Let’s Talk About Handling Conflict in Friendships'

(EPISODE: You-Who Chat Show for Tweens)

Andrew Fuller

Interviewed by Justine Lamont

Understanding The Teenage Brain And Creating Resilience In Our Families

Andrew Fuller is a clinical psychologist, speaker, family therapist, creator of Learning Strengths ™ and author of many books including, 'Tricky Teens' and 'Unlocking Your Child's Genius'He started working in psychiatric crisis teams with people who were at their last hopes and that inspired him to create with people, futures they can fall in love with. He's worked with 4,000+ schools and communities, and more than 500,000 young people.

Watch for an extended time + get Andrew's  resource included in the  All Access Pass:

To be advised 

(Guides/Fact Sheets)

Kirrilie Smout

Interviewed by Justine Lamont

Supporting Teens With School Anxiety And
School Avoidance

Kirrilie is a psychologist, speaker and author of 3 books. She's the director of Developing Minds Psychology and also developed the online Calm Kid Central program. She provides seminars and training for young people, teachers, health professionals and schools and has presented to over 50,000 families.

Watch for an extended time + get Kirrilie's resource included in the  All Access Pass:

'Supporting Student Wellbeing & Success in Senior School'


Daniel Merza

Interviewed by Jenny Atkinson

No More Monkey Business:
Raising Confident, Resilient Teens

Daniel is a speaker and author who inspires others to break free from self-doubt, overcome obstacles, and unleash their true potential. He has defied the odds - bullied for a decade, diagnosed with a mental illness aged 13, and labelled as a student with “no hope”, Daniel faced up to his tormentors at 16 and turned his life around. He empowers people to live a life of purpose, resilience, and limitless possibilities.

Watch for an extended time + get Daniel's resource included in the  All Access Pass:

'Elevate Your Family Life & Ascend'

(Guide + 3 chapters of e-book + family vision planner)

DAY 2: 23rd Feb

Paul Dillon

Alcohol and other drugs (AOD) 2024: What do parents need to know?

Karen Tui Boyes

Study Smart - Learning to Learn  is a superpower

Dayna Abraham

Build a deeper connection with your teen to foster trust, belonging and manage challenging behaviours

Kaz Parrott

Emotional resilience for sensitive children

Mandy Beverley

Parenting our children with less guilt and comparison

Paul Dillon

Interviewed by Jenny Atkinson

Alcohol And Other Drugs (AOD) in 2024:
What Do Parents Need To Know?

For 30 years, Paul Dillon Dillon has worked with schools to ensure they have access to quality information & best practice drug education. Through his business, 'Drug and Alcohol Research and Training Australia' (DARTA) he provides updates on current drug trends, and advice on alcohol and drug issues. He's the author of the international book, 'Teenagers, Alcohol and Drugs'. Paul also writes a blog for parents and caregivers, as well as another for young people, and both of these have been released as a podcast.

Available to watch on Day 2: 23rd Feb at 8am (AEST)

Watch for an extended time + get  Paul's resource included in the  All Access Pass:

Toolkit: Fact Sheets
& Checklists


Karen Tui Boyes

Interviewed by Justine Lamont

Study Smart: Learning to Learn Is A Superpower

Karen Tui Boyes is the expert in effective teaching, learning, study skills, motivation and positive thinking. She is a champion for Life Long Learning and is on a mission to transform education globally. She is the CEO of Spectrum Education, Principal of Spectrum Online Academy and the author of 11 books. Karen loves empowering teachers, parents and students and is the wife to one and the mother of two young adults (who won’t leave home!) She was named the Global Evolutionary Woman of the Year 2022.

Available to watch on Day 2: 23rd Feb at 8am (AEST)

Watch for an extended time + get  Karen's resource included in the  All Access Pass:

27 Study Tips-Posters Set +   Colour Me Smart  Colouring Book  (12 page Sample)

(Poster + Study  Tips Colouring Book 12 Sample Pages)

Dayna Abraham

Interviewed by Justine Lamont

Build A Deeper Connection With Your Teen To Foster Trust, Belonging And Manage Challenging Behaviours

Dayna Abraham is a speaker and bestselling author of 'Calm the Chaos: A Fail-Proof Roadmap for Parenting Even the Most Challenging Kids'. As a National Board Certified educator, parent of three neurodivergent children, and an ADHD adult herself, Dayna brings a unique and out-of-the-box perspective to parents raising kids in the modern world. Through her compassionate framework, Calm the Chaos, she has helped millions of desperate parents around the world, find peace and meet their children where they're at when conventional parenting tools have failed them. Dayna brings a unique, out-of-the-box perspective to parents raising kids in the modern world. 

Available to watch on Day 2: 23rd Feb at 8am (AEST)

Watch for an extended time + get  Dayna's resource included in the  All Access Pass:

Lying - The Playbook


Kaz Parrott

Interviewed by Jenny Atkinson

Emotional Resilience For Our Sensitive Children

Kaz is a parent, teacher and children’s wellbeing advocate. She supports sensitive kids with a gentle guidance to feel happy, calm & confident to be who they are. She encourages children to shine and become the best version of themselves. Kaz is the sensitive child's cheerleader. She helps children blossom into confident, compassionate humans who make your family unit – and the world around them – a happier, brighter place. Kaz is the sensitive child's cheerleader and a valued support person for their parents.

Available to watch on Day 2: 23rd Feb at 8am (AEST)

Watch for an extended time + get  Kaz's resource included in the  All Access Pass:

5 Ways To Boost Your Child's Emotional Wellbeing

(Parent Cheat Sheet)

Mandy Beverley

Interviewed by Jenny Atkinson

Parenting With Less Guilt  And Comparison

Mandy is a parent, coach, author and podcaster who specialises in human behaviour. She started her career as a Registered Nurse, and for the last 13 years has been a Certified Demartini Method® Facilitator. She has seen how powerfully we can let past experiences influence our future relationships, and ability to move forward. She helps others shift their perceptions, decisions, and actions to become more resilient and resourceful, and shows them ways to use life events as momentum for continual growth and transformation.

Available to watch on Day 2: 24th Feb at 8am (AEST)

Watch for an extended time + get  Mandy's resource included in the  All Access Pass:

Your 10 Step Guide To Creating A
 Remarkable Mindset


DAY 3: 24th Feb

Brett Lee

Keeping tweens & teens
safe online

Jenny Atkinson

Helping our teens cope with change  -  a skill for life

Dr Vanessa Lapointe

Parenting through the big life challenges

Justine Lamont

Helping teens be responsible and accountable

Dr Claire Kelly

Supporting teens' wellbeing in today's world

Brett Lee

Interviewed by Jenny Atkinson

Keeping Tweens and Teens Safe Online

Brett Lee founded Internet Safe Education, and is a leading former detective who worked on high-profile crimes for the FBI, Department of Homeland Security and the Australian Police Force. His 20+ years in cyber crime helps parents understand how to protect themselves and their children online.

Available to watch on Day 3: 24th Feb at 8am (AEST)

Watch for an extended time + get  Brett's resource included in the  All Access Pass:

Understanding & Managing An Online World

(Video- Webinar)

Jenny Atkinson

Interviewed by Justine Lamont

Helping Tweens & Teens Cope With Change:
A Skill For Life

Jenny is the bestselling author of ‘High School Rocks’, a speaker, parent and dedicated teacher with over 30 years’ experience. As founder of Sparks Education Australia, she created the ‘Get Set For High School’ and ‘High School Hub’ Programs: a series of workshops, parent talks and online membership that have helped thousands of students, parents and teachers thrive with the changes and challenges of their transition to high school.

Available to watch on Day 3: 24th Feb at 8am (AEST)

Watch for an extended time + get  Jenny's resource included in the  All Access Pass:

How To Help Your Child Cope With Starting High School

(Video- Webinar + Study Kit)

Dr Vanessa Lapointe

Interviewed by Justine Lamont

Parenting Tweens And Teens Through
Big Life Challenges

Dr Vanessa is a psychologist, mom, parenting educator, best-selling author and speaker. She holds a doctoral degree in psychology, and practiced as a psychologist for nearly 20 years, before devoting her full-time energy to connecting with parents and other “big people” around the globe in 2023. At her North Star Developmental Clinic, she supports children and families and helps big people see the world through the child’s eyes to help grow up our children in the best possible way.

Available to watch on Day 3: 2th Feb at 8am (AEST)

Watch for an extended time + get  Dr Lapointe's resource included in the  All Access Pass:

Changing the Lens
On Discipline

(Mini Course)

Justine Lamont

Interviewed by Jenny Atkinson

Helping Teens Be Responsible And Accountable

Justine is a New Zealand speaker, parenting coach and parent of two young adults. With 18 years experience, and as the founder of Good To Great Parenting, she’s spreading the message to parents and teachers that being enough is good enough! Her upcoming parenting book helps parents to see themselves as the uniquely placed experts on their own children, and gives them the tools to advocate for their child at home, school and in life.

Available to watch on Day 3: 24th Feb at 8am (AEST)

Watch for an extended time + get  Brett's resource included in the  All Access Pass:

Understanding & Managing An Online World

(Guide-Workbook-Fridge  Sheet)

Dr Claire Kelly

Interviewed by Justine Lamont

Supporting Your Teen's Wellbeing In Today's World

Dr Claire Kelly is Director of International Programs at Mental Health First Aid Australia. Claire has been involved as a doctor, researcher and program developer at Mental Health First Aid Australia. She speaks regularly on mental health issues and has many years of service in the work. Claire has produced a PhD thesis, which was written all about mental health literacy of Australian adolescents. Her passion is about mental health problems and how this can impact development, educational outcomes, and long-term functioning of our young people.

Available to watch on Day 3: 24th Feb at 8am (AEST)

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What will I learn at the Calm and Connected Tweens and Teens Summit?

This summit is all about helping parents reach cooperation, connection, and calm with your teen. There are lots of summits and other resources out there for parenting our teens, but our 15 expert speakers will specifically help you to build a strong relationship with your teen and show you how to build their resilience, independence and wellbeing.

How do I know if this summit is right for me?

If you're a parent of tweens or teens, this event is for you! We’ll be specifically talking to parents, but educators or anyone who wants to get a better understanding of teenagers, understand how to relate with them, and help them be and do their best is welcome to join us.

When is the summit happening?

The main portion of the summit runs from 22nd to 24th February, 2024 with pre-summit activities/sessions starting on Saturday, 17th February. Time: On each day of the summit we make 5 speaker videos available to watch at 8am (AEST). You have 24 hours from that time to watch those 5 speakers, before we take them down and put up the next day's speakers, then the next day.

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