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Calm and Connected Tweens and Teens Summit, 

you will love our All­ Access Pass.

Over $1550 worth of summit videos, notes, digital resources, masterclasses, courses and toolkits giving you a roadmap to parent through the challenges of the teen years and connect with your teen.

And we've even added some bonus resources for your tweens and teens themselves.

Join us for the online Parenting Summit

You'll find out how to build trust and connection to survive the teenage years and build a close relationship with your teen that lasts a lifetime.

It truly is possible. Your great relationship with your teen starts here.

Limited time offer: only until midnight 25th Feb, 2024  (then increases to full price)

The summit will be jam packed with practical and actionable advice to help you connect with your teen and boost their wellbeing, independence and resilience.

But with the All Access Pass it gets even better!

The All Access Pass lets you watch all the summit sessions when you find it convenient, and you can revisit and watch as often as you like. Plus, you'll get loads of extra resources to help you take action on what you learn from our speakers. 

Whenever those teenage challenges pop up (and we know they will!), you'll have sound, practical advice from our world renowned parenting experts at hand.

Upgrade your ticket to get

over $1550 worth of resources

to help you connect with your teen and guide them well through their teen years.

Here's what you get when you upgrade to The All access pass

Listening to and learning information is great, but taking action is what gets you the results. The All Access Pass gives you that extra help you need, when you need it most.

We make it as easy as possible for you to take action during and after the summit!

You can dive into all the summary notes, transcripts and action steps we've created for each of the speaker sessions. And you get to watch the speaker videos at a convenient time or when an issue pops up.

It's like having a personal grab and go library of expert advice to come back to whenever you need it.

Here's what's included for parents for just $49 - (Value: $1550)

Extended Access To All Summit Speaker Sessions - Videos

Access to ALL the speaker sessions after the summit ends. There's no need to cram in all the information over the free 24 hours, when you can watch and re-watch the the videos.
When those parenting challenges arise, you'll have access to tools and advice to guide you and your teen through.

Summit Notebook

Use the Summit Notebook to keep track of our 15 expert  speaker sessions, notes, questions and your next steps. 
Take note of your questions and next steps so you can implement right away.

Summit Notes, Action Plans & Transcripts for ALL Speaker Sessions

Our speaker notes give you the key highlights/ main takeaways from each session.
With our action steps/plans you'll have doable ways to achieve your parenting goals.
Plus you get full transcripts of speaker sessions.

Digital Resources & Digital Printables

Our digital downloads make it easy for you to grab the resource you need, when you need it.
Includes summit notebook,  checklists, guides, planners, calendar- for building relationships, wellbeing, independence & resilience. 
Card Deck- for  building relationships, wellbeing, independence & resilience. 

We've also added these extras for your tweens and teens!

Digital Resources & Printables

We wanted you to have resources that your teen can use themselves. So we give some help, tips and practical advice that makes a real difference in their lives and how they choose to show up every day. 
Lots of digital  help they can download and instantly use to empower teens. They'll have tools to set and conquer goals, adopt a growth mindset, get organised and manage time, and help with study, school, family relationships and more!
Includes: affirmation cards, homework & study kit, planners and calendars 

Videos, Planners, Guides, Toolkits, Printables, Courses, Webinars, 

Digital Resources, Checklists, Notebook, Card Decks, Speaker Graphic Quotes

Get all of these premium Resources To Get out of the Daily struggle and Begin Connecting and communicating with your teen today.

Plus you get even more bonuses from our experts!

Grab the All Access Pass now to get access to over $1550 worth of resources

SPEAKER BONUSES INCLUDED: E-books, Webinars, Mini Courses, Digital Resources, Posters, Guides, Playbooks, Cheat Sheets, Chat Shows,

You'll have these resources at hand to help you build trust and a close relationship with your teen to last a lifetime.

Taking the High Road: A Book for Adolescents


Maggie Dent -

Your teen will learn how to:

Find their own spark and read their personality map
Break the circuit on negative self-talk and 
manage BUGS (big ugly emotional states) 
Understand and eradicate ANTS (automatic negative thoughts)
Get a better night’s sleep 
Know what to do when things go wrong and surviving and thriving when things get tough

$14.99 Value

Changing the Lens on Discipline


Dr Vanessa Lapointe -

You will learn:

How to set firm, but kind, boundaries while keeping the connection at the forefront
Understand why we react the way we do to our child's behaviours
What we need to do to work on ourselves
How to bring you and your child closer together

$11 Value

How to help your child cope with starting high school


Jenny Atkinson -

You will learn:

How to help your child be happy, confident and prepared for high school
Strategies to help your child cope with the many changes in starting high school
How to manage teacher expectations, friendships and encourage independence
How to handle homework & assignments, get organised and manage time

$35 Value

Getting kids to do their chores

BUNDLE - Accountability Guide + Workbook + Fridge Sheet  + 30 min call

Justine Lamont -

You will learn:

Actionable and practical ways to engage with teenagers
Avoid arguments and focus on skills they need
Help them to become more accountable with their chores

$39 Value

The Remarkable Mindset Guide

GUIDE + 30 minute call

Mandy Beverley -

You will learn:

The 10 steps to master your mindset and develop more self-governance
How to respond rather than react to challenges
How to stop spinning many plates and spreading yourself too thin
How to prioritise yourself and learn the magic of putting yourself first (some of the time)

$37 Value

Lying: The Playbook


Dayna Abraham -

You will learn:

How to get underneath the surface and discover the real reason your kids are lying
Thought swaps to help you eliminate lying without crushing your child's spirit
How to prepare an ahead of the moment plan so you 're prepared for dealing with lying on the spot
What to do so that they don’t need to lie again in future.

$47 Value

5 Ways To Boost Your Child's Emotional Wellbeing


Kaz Parrott -

You will learn:

Simple yet impactful ways to nurture your tween/ teen's emotional  wellbeing
What to do to encourage and support your young person
How to help your teen  understand and manage their emotions 
Ways to acknowledge and validate their feelings

$10.99 Value

Parent Toolkit: Fact Sheets & Checklists 


Paul Dillon -

You will learn:

How to support your tween and teen on a wide range of topics such as 'Schoolies', alcohol and other drugs,
Up to date information  on parenting and adolescence 
How to assist your teen to prepare and plan for 'Schoolies’ destinations before your teen leaves for the event.

$15 Value

Let’s Talk About Handling Conflict in Friendships

EPISODE: You-Who Chat Show for Tweens

Michelle Mitchell -

Your tween will learn:

How to say no without damaging a relationship -such as saying no to sleepovers, party invites and gossip or risky behaviour
How to get comfortable with giving and receiving the word no
How to develop healthy boundaries which are so critical during the high school years
How to receive a no directed to them as well

$20 Value

Supporting Student Wellbeing and Success in Senior School


Kirrilie Smout -

You will learn:

Learn about the different factors associated with well-being and academic success in in secondary school
Learn how sleep, communication with teachers and positive peer relationships affect teenagers
Understand about the balance of school/work/extra-curricular activities and how they impact teens
Strategies parents can use to support students in this period of their lives

$15 Value

Elevate Your Family Life & Ascend


Daniel Merza -

You will learn:

Insightful prompts and exercises to set achievable goals for both parents and your family
Planner to reflect on the past year + plan for your family's future
Nurture aspirations and unlock your family's potential for a brighter tomorrow
Strategies to build your teen's resilience from the 3 book chapters

$15 Value

27 Study Tips Poster Set + Colour Me Smart - Colouring Book Sample


Karen Tui Boyes -

You will learn:

Use these colourful posters with unique and effective study tips to inspire success when studying
Engage, captivate and encourage lifelong study habits
Learn to study smarter. Instead of studying harder and burning out, follow Karen's tips for effective studying

$30 Value

RESOURCE Understanding and Managing An Online World


Brett Lee -

Understanding that the internet cannot be perfect as it is reflection of the physical world we live in.
How to play the role of teaching your child to manage that world and put rules and boundaries in place to get the positives, whilst reducing the risks
Achievable strategies for helping your child to make good choices with tech
How to ensure your child has knowledge and systems in place to fix problems as they arise


Dr Claire Kelly -

DR Claire Kelly recommends


Andrew Fuller -


Once A Week Live Sessions - Join us in our Facebook Group to learn, ask questions and get support with parenting challenges from one of our selected speakers. This is a game changer for parents who feel like they're on their own solving all the issues. Get ready to have your questions answered. Turn up for 1 session or all 4 sessions- it's up to you! If you can't make it live, you can watch the video replay. (4 sessions in total) - ($100 Value)

Do you Have Questions About the All Access Pass?

When will I get access to everything?

Once you purchase the All Access Pass, you'll be emailed details to create an account at our course platform where we keep all the summit videos, bonuses and resources in the All Access Pass. 

The All Access Pass resources, digital downloads and most speaker bonuses are waiting in there for you to access straight after purchase.

On 26th Feb, 2024, after the last summit free 24 hour watch period ends,  we'll add all the other resources to the course platform - speaker videos, notes, transcriptions, action steps  and digital resources where they'll be available to you for an extended time.

Speaker bonus resources: where a speaker offers a bonus, you'll find it on the speaker's video page in the course platform, along with instructions to access the resource and any expiry dates for coupons/resource use. You don't need to claim them all - it's entirely up to you which speaker's resource you'd like to get. But you can certainly get them all if you like!

Why is this such a great price?

After decades in the parenting and education fields, Jenny and Justine want all parents to have access to top quality parenting information. That's why we're giving all parents who register for the summit access to watch each speaker session for 24 hours for free.

 Unfortunately we can't give everything away for free, but we have priced the All Access Pass as low as we can so everyone can have extended access to watch all the summit videos and use the resources and bonuses.

How do I access the speaker bonuses?

After logging in to the All Access Pass course platform, head to each speaker's watch page and take a few minutes to go through and claim each of the bonuses you want. 

You'll also see instructions to access the resource and any expiry dates for coupons/resource use. You don't need to claim them all - it's entirely up to you which speaker's resource you'd like to get. But you can certainly get them all if you like! 

Be sure to claim all the bonuses you want by 23rd May. After that, the coupon codes will expire, and we are not able to give extensions.

I saw this listed at a different price. Is this the same thing?

The Early Bird pricing you see on this page is only available until 25th Feb, and after that the price will go up to $77. So upgrade your ticket before the price increases!

I already have one or more of the speaker resources. Can I get a discount?

We are not able to offer discounts, but know that you are getting incredible value, even if you have several of the speaker bonuses already.

The value of all the videos and resources in the All Access Pass is over $1550. Even if you only signed up for 2-3 of the speaker bonuses, you’d still be saving money compared to buying everything at regular price!

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the digital nature of the product and the fact that it contains instant downloads and material from multiple businesses, we are not able to offer refunds for any reason. Please look through all the details carefully before you purchase and email us at [email protected] with any questions you have.

Are your videos transcribed?

Yes. All presentations are transcribed and available as digital downloads for those who upgrade to the All Access Pass. 

I still have questions!

No problem! Send an email over to [email protected] and we'll get back to you.

You'd pay over $1550 if you bought each of these resources individually.


because we want all parents to have help that makes a real difference for their families.

For just $49, you'll get extended access to:

(Limited time price: only until midnight 25th Feb, 2024. Then increases to full price.)

Extended Access to all 15 Summit Speaker Sessions - watch and re-watch whenever it's convenient!
Extended Access to Summit videos, speaker notes, notebook, action steps, transcripts, and digital resources. We know that when it comes to parenting you never know when those challenges pop up. You'll have these amazing resources available exactly when you need them! - ($1200)
One Month of Live Sessions - Each week you can join us in our Facebook Group to learn, ask questions and get support with parenting challenges from one of our selected speakers. This is a game changer for parents who feel like they're on their own solving all the issues. Get ready to have your questions answered. Turn up for 1 session or all 4 sessions- it's up to you!  (4 sessions in total) - ($100 Value) 
Speaker Notes and Action Steps - bite-sized reviews of the 15 summit sessions. Downloadable main takeaways to keep it simple and make the most of what you've learned.
Transcripts of Summit Speaker Sessions - Makes it easy to find portions of the sessions you're most interested in by reading or doing a quick digital search on the pdf.
Speaker Bonuses - you also get all the extra bonuses from our speakers such as mini courses, webinars, guides, checklists and planners. ($250+)

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